So, you want to get involved?

… but I have to tell you a few things first so grab your cuppa and read-ahoy!

Be Seen, Be Found, Be Booked!

Get Bachelorette Box as blog has some pretty tough rules on advertising so if you think you meet the following read on.


You can big a boutique house. You can be a corporate giant. But you MUST be unique to the industry and what I mean by that is: If you consider yourself to be ultra traditional, then you’re sadly not my audiences taste

Fuelled By Passion

You must consider yourself and your company to be fuelled by passion and love, I mean love what you do, because Brides love it and are enthused by it. You need to have spectacular, aka – professional style photos for me to add to the site of what it is you do

Work As A Team

Your photos must show off what you do well, so go mad for close-ups, we love them. You have to, above all, want to work as a team with me. There is no such thing as a silent banner anywhere in existence on my site. I work with you to get you your clients.

All Kinds Of Budgets

We’ve got many options for you to choose from to, we’ve made sure to cater for all kinds of budgets because we want you to be involved; the scope is entirely up to you. We give you the flexibility you deserve.

Thriving Environment

I love working with passionate, creative people and thrive in the kind of environment where we work together in helping each other. It’s been proven for centuries, community spirit, that sense of belonging is what makes things flourish and that’s why I do what I do.

Is This You?

So, if you think this is you and you’re ready to jump down the enormity that is the Get Bachelorette Box (had to say it) then please click the link below and go for it. I’m just on the other side and so are my Brides.

My contacts

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