10 Gift Ideas for a Bride from her Bridesmaids

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10 Gift Ideas for a Bride from her Bridesmaids

The events leading up to a best friend’s wedding provide a fun opportunity to shower her with love, attention, and of course, presents! The wedding registry usually sets the agenda when it comes to gifts given at the wedding and shower, but the bachelorette party and other pre-nuptial events offer a few chances for bridesmaids to show some extra love to the soon-to-be bride.


Sexy lingerie and phallic trinkets are certainly bachelorette party staples, but they may not fit the bride’s personality or wish list. Below we have 10 ideas for bridesmaid-to-bride gifts that won’t get tossed away in a box. Instead, they’ll serve as tension reducers for the pre-wedding period or memorable keepsakes that will help your girl remember her day with a smile.


1. Mason Jar Kits


With all the vendors and details to coordinate, planning a wedding is no small feat. And if the bachelorette party is around the corner, your bride is probably in crunch mode, handling tons of last-minute details in the midst of an already packed schedule. Mason jar kits are an excellent way to give her some stress relief in these last hectic weeks.

These homemade jar kits can include any number of different mixes—boozy hot chocolate for a late-night pick-me-up, a healthy granola mix so that breakfast is always taken care of, or a “spa in a jar” with bath salts and scrubs. They’re totally customizable since you build them yourself, meaning you can give your budding bride exactly what she needs to keep calm and plan on leading up to the big day.


2. Bride Squad Fanny Pack

No bachelorette party is complete without a little swag. There are endless options out there on the Internet, from sashes to tees to everything in between, and while many are clever and cute, they often come up short on practicality.

The Bride Squad Fanny Pack is the perfect solution; not only is it super chic, it also helps you to keep all your things together during the bachelorette events without lugging around a large purse. Plus, the fanny pack is useful on the wedding day as well for stashing snacks, makeup touch-ups, and extra bobby and safety pins for those “emergency” moments while everyone is getting ready.


3. Ring Holder

Ring Holder Gift Idea for Bride

For many women, an engagement ring is the first piece of jewelry they have ever worn round-the-clock. Often, this means that brides lack the ever important, but often forgotten ring holder, a necessity in places like the ledge of the kitchen sink and the bathroom counter.

Your girl is certain to appreciate a cute jewelry stand or dish that will make it easy for her to remember to take her precious rock off when the need arises. These occasions happen more often than you might think—experts say that even everyday activities like cleaning, working out, washing dishes, and applying lotion and makeup can cause significant wear and tear to the band and jewel.


4. Just-In-Case Kit

Hangover kit gift idea for bride

Bachelorette parties are known for getting wild, so it’s good to have some just-in-case essentials on hand when the whole gang comes together. Fortunately, you can keep the bride covered by gifting her all the going-out necessities, like ibuprofen, band-aids, and touchups for hair and makeup, stowed neatly in a prepacked mini emergency kit.

These, too, are easy to personalize; just pop in some extra items you know your bride will make use of. The just-in-case kit is likely to come in handy during the bachelorette party (or the day-after hangover!), but it also makes for a nice keepsake for the bride, who can then throw it in her purse for everyday use.


5. Kiss the Miss Goodbye Frame

The many events leading up to a best friend’s wedding are full of emotional moments. Let’s be real—when a bride is surrounded by all her closest friends in celebration of one of the most important days of her life, things are bound to get a bit sappy.

The Kiss the Miss Goodbye Picture Frame lets you embrace the memory making and reminds your best gal that even though she’s tying the knot, her best friends are always by her side. This frame surrounds a great shot of the whole gang with a sweet message and lipstick smooches from all the bride’s nearest and dearest.


6. Wine or Champagne of the Month Club

Wine Club Gift

Weddings tend to be a time when the bride and groom acquire tons of new stuff. While registries have helped newlyweds avoid a six-toaster situation, in many cases, unnecessary gift items do pile up after weddings and their accompanying get-togethers.

Instead of contributing to the bulk, consider gifting a subscription to a wine- or champagne-of-the-month club. Little surprises every thirty days will keep the new couple celebrating their nuptials even once the big day is over. Plus, this boozy choice is a perfect fit as a fun bachelorette gift, since it’s an understated nod to letting loose.


7. Honeymoon Gear

Honeymoon Bride Gift Idea

Chances are, by the time the wedding is approaching, your bestie already knows where she’s heading on her honeymoon. It’s also likely that packing for her exotic getaway is far from her mind, pushed out by more urgent day-of details. A bridesmaid gift is the perfect opportunity to help her stock up on some honeymoon essentials that may not be on her radar.

If the happy couple is headed to the beach, look for a sexy bathing suit or cover up; or, if the streets of old Europe are on the agenda, snag a hat that will make her feel like a glamorous socialite. A few new honeymoon outfits or accessories will make the trip that much more special for your girl and her hubs.


8. Monogrammed Items

Monogram gift idea for bride

Items tagged with the “wifey” or “bride” moniker are some of the most common to be found at bachelorette shindigs, and while we absolutely love them, these gifts may lose their luster as time goes by and the wedding festivities morph from calendar items into sweet memories.

In addition to accessories tagged with these titles, try the monogram look with the bride’s new initials. A monogrammed button-down shirt, piece of jewelry, tote bag, or décor item is a reminder of the big changes ahead, but also a gift that has some staying power—she can wear it ‘til death do they part!

9. Skincare

Skincare and spa gift idea for bride

One of a bride’s biggest concerns is how she looks on the big day. This wish drives lengthy appointments at bridal gown boutiques, large Pinterest boards full of makeup and hairstyles, and extra hours clocked at the gym leading up to the date, but skincare is often left by the wayside.

A home skincare set or special treatments at the salon make for nice presents for the beauty-conscious bride who wants to glow for her new partner in life. Getting your girl stocked up with the best goodies for a pampering routine well in advance of the wedding day means she will have a smooth, blemish-free base for the amazing look she’s got planned for “I do”.


10. Bachelorette Bucket List

Bucket list gift idea for bride

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again—wedding planning is stressful. Part of being a great bride squad involves mitigating this tension and making sure the guest of honor is enjoying this unique moment in her life. This challenge is best met with time, attention, and a little bit of fun, which is why a pre-wedding bucket list might be just what the doctor ordered.

It can start with goofy bachelorette party activities, but the ideal list also includes things like individual girls’ dates out with the bride and her friends, DIY sessions to get any homemade wedding elements easily finished, and a few customized “must-do’s” for the bride before she takes the big leap into married life.

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