Reasons Why Weddings Are So Expensive

We’ve always heard that weddings are lavish. When the term “wedding” is added to every service or product, the price skyrockets. Summer has arrived in full force. Though weddings take place all year, summer appears to be a common period for two people to marry. All of us attend weddings with the impression that we are there to celebrate friends or families.

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bachelorette party activities

Unique Bachelorette Party Ideas

The bachelorette party is undoubtedly one of the most fun aspects of getting married for every bride-to-be! The most popular bachelorette parties center around the bride’s favorite stuff. Remember, this party is to commemorate her last few months, weeks, and maybe even days as a single woman.

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belt bag

Ways to Style A Fanny Pack

If everything you’ve ever known about fanny packs is the bright pink version your mom chose to wear in the ’80s, it’s worth reconsidering! Fanny packs, also regarded as belt bags and sometimes bum bags, are now available in various shapes and colors, with some also being high-end.

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Hair Accessories for A Vintage Bride

A wedding day is the most important and special day in a woman’s life, and the feeling of being a bride is indescribable. Like everybody else, she also wants to make her special day a memorable one. So, when it comes to the wedding dress and style, every woman has her preferences and priorities, whether modern or vintage.

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