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DIY Wedding Invitations Guide

The trick to having a great wedding is paying attention to the smaller aspects. Introducing a few basic features to design and personalize your wedding invitations will impress your attendees and have them pumped for the upcoming event. The perfect wedding invitations stick out because it’s always the little details that make a huge difference. However, don’t panic; this does not have to be expensive. Here, we’ve gathered a few easy and affordable ideas for getting a simple invitation and then transforming it into something spectacular. If you want a wedding invitation to make at home, then read the below DIY wedding invitation guide.

DIY Wedding Invitations Ideas

Following are some creative wedding invitation ideas you can do for yourself:

  • Attach an Engagement Pic

Engagement photographs aren’t just for your photo collection album. What best option you could have than to put a photo of both of you if you want to customize your marriage invitation card.  Using a picture of the wedding couple is a perfect approach to show off the relationship, particularly if you’re hosting visitors who haven’t met your special one yet.

  • Make Use of Watercolors

The use of watercolor on wedding invites is a relatively new yet distinctive technique in wedding cards.  This imaginative touch on wedding invites brings a modern flair to perhaps the most basic invitation. The greatest thing about using watercolors is that it provides different opportunities to use them. Watercolors can also be utilized in your invitation as a basic stroke or even as a title.

  • Make Use of Ribbon

Using ribbon on the wedding invitation is a lovely addition which often serves as a great way to hold all of the other items intact which you are using in the card like travel details, RSVP cards, etc.

  • Add A Gift

If you want to be extremely generous with the DIY wedding invites, adding a little gift might be the ideal way of ensuring RSVPs! Small presents might include handmade cookies, small candles, or maybe some stunning gemstones like emerald or sapphire.

Invitations Ideas

  • Write A Song

Another fantastic idea is to write your favorite song lyrics on the invitation card to make it special. It may be the lines of your first ever love song which describe your passion for one another, or it can be a song that you really want your marriage attendees to sing with you.

  • Make Use of Glitter Paper

You can use glitter paper to give it a shiny or glittery look. A wedding card must look shiny and bright, and the use of glitter paper could exactly do that.

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