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Announce an Adults Only Wedding

One of the most sensitive issues couples address in the run-up to their wedding is children’s invitation. Many people agree that weddings are adults-only events, while some believe that attendees with small kids should choose to bring their kids to the wedding. When close relatives or colleagues are concerned, the situation gets much more complex. There are many explanations that you cannot have children at your wedding ceremony. The most prominent explanation is that it adds more stress to an already-stressed budget. So, if you want your wedding to be no children wedding, take a look at the ideas below to announce an adults only wedding.

Ways to Announce an Adults Only Wedding

Following are the ways to have child-free weddings.

  • child-free weddingsAddress Precisely

Make it evident from the beginning that the wedding is just for adults. So, the question is, how? Address every invitation specifically for those who’ve been invited; else, most guests with kids will believe that their entire family is invited to the wedding.  You should even go a step further to mention their names precisely on the wedding invitation card, such as “Mr. and Mrs. Jack are invited to join the wedding ceremony.” That way, they’ll understand that they’re the only ones invited, not their children.

  • Don’t Mention It on Cards

You should not really feel bad for having your wedding child-free, but it isn’t nice to mention your invites’ preferences. This is the fastest way to cause controversy. Holding a kid-free wedding might well be a touchy matter for certain people, mostly out-of-town relatives and close buddies with young kids. To be more diplomatic, make the relatives, wedding reception attendees, and buddies circulate the message to attendees through gossip so that they have plenty of time to find a nanny for their kids.

  • Mention It on Your Website

The most appropriate and easy way to convey an adult-only wedding message is to mention it on your wedding site. You can mention it in a ” Note” form or even answer someone in the query section so that all the invitees may know that children are not allowed in the wedding.

  • There Are No Exceptions

Determine what constitutes anyone as an “adult.” Does the age of 21 is the criteria? Or graduation from college is a must? Sustain your position. That implies no exemptions for your beloved niece or youngest nephew, which is expected to irritate parents whose kids are not invited to wedding.

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