Reasons Why Weddings Are So Expensive

We’ve always heard that weddings are lavish. When the term “wedding” is added to every service or product, the price skyrockets. Summer has arrived in full force. Though weddings take place all year, summer appears to be a common period for two people to marry. All of us attend weddings with the impression that we are there to celebrate friends or families. How can we realize how much it all costs? Weddings are becoming more costly with each passing year. According to The Knot’s most recent study, the typical wedding costs couples about $34,000. Suppose you’re having a little family gathering or a romantic beach wedding. In that case, the wedding industry will drain your bank account for all it’s worth.

Why Weddings Cost So Much

Following are the reasons why weddings are so expensive and why people spend so much money on weddings:

weddings cost so much

Destination of the Reception

Couples have the chance to travel away and elope at any time. However, they usually choose to share their wedding with relatives and friends. After the service, the party typically takes place at a reception location. A reception location may range from a museum to a garden to someone’s home. It must, though, be big enough to support a large number of citizens. As a result, renting a venue to house too many people is the only alternative. This will also come at a high cost. To pay for the venue, you must also employ guards to include tables, seats, and linens. Both of these things add up.

wedding guests

Wedding Invitations

It would be best if you welcomed the wedding guests in a variety of ways. Traditional wedding invites, however, are still deemed relevant in some countries today. Besides, the wedding invitation is the first item that your wedding guests get. As a result, there is a responsibility to create the finest wedding invitations possible. It is unlikely that any of your guests would be computer advanced, even if they are… you are fortunate since you will save money upon your wedding invitations. Countries such as India expend a lot of money on wedding invitations. These printed invitations will range in price from INR 20 to INR 200 per item. Your wedding budget will be calculated once again by the expense of each printed invitation.

Minutes of Wedding Photography

Any wedding photographers bill by the hour. Suppose the wedding march is going to be lengthy. And if you try to cover both of them, the number of hours would undoubtedly increase, raising the price of wedding photography.

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